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Tax Accounting Services of Seattle, WA


Unlike some other tax firms that employ only attorneys or enrolled agents, Pure Tax Resolution, Inc. of Seattle offers a full suite of accounting services to support our tax resolution clients’ requirements.

Tax resolution-oriented accounting involves far more than simply computing numbers on a calculator and putting them in designated boxes. Instead, it requires an eye toward strategy and how and when income and expenses may be recognized or realized under law. It also involves clearly and concisely setting forth sometimes complicated calculations to persuade the IRS that our position is the correct one.

As our tax attorneys prepare your tax negotiation strategy, they work hand-in-hand with our certified public accountants (CPAs) to ensure that every economic detail is accounted for and presented in the proper manner. Our accountants are specially trained and have years of experience in IRS tax resolution accounting.

Our accountants help individuals and business with the following tax help processes, among others:

  • Preparing delinquent tax returns
  • Minimizing business tax compliance issues
  • Preparing Form 656 for the offer in compromise
  • Preparing tax returns and other IRS forms
  • Preparing for tax audits
  • Preparing for IRS collection appeals
  • Bankruptcy planning
  • Financial planning, tax planning and more.

The Internal Revenue Code is complicated, and it’s hardly surprising that most individuals and business owners feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the laws and regulations. The accountants at Seattle Pure Tax are part of our proven formula for providing comprehensive tax help services to our clients in need of tax help in and around Seattle, Washington. Call today for a FREE consultation (206) 438-9401