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IRS Back Taxes Settlement - Serving Seattle, WA

IRS back taxes Seattle

Those that owe the IRS back taxes, but cannot pay, are in good company. Make no mistake, the IRS expects you to pay your taxes regardless if you believe you have insufficient resources to pay your IRS back taxes. And, the IRS has broad powers to issue tax liens and levies against you and your assets if you fail to pay the taxes you owe. The IRS can even garnish your wages for IRS back taxes, which is embarrassing, financially devastating in the short term, and may cost your job to boot. Imagine living on 1/3 of your current income because the IRS garnished your wages!

However, Seattle Pure Tax Resolution can implement a number of strategies if you are unable to pay your IRS back taxes. A seasoned tax attorney can actually get the IRS to issue you a manageable payment plan that will get you on track to settle your tax debt.

IRS back taxes can be resolved in many ways, including sometimes through the reduction or elimination of the amount due, and then through the payment of any balance remaining due via one of the following methods:

  • Payment Installment Agreements: Sometimes, a taxpayer may qualify for a partial installment agreement. Again, how you present the facts and circumstances of your case to the IRS will have a direct bearing on your ability to obtain this type of relief. Because of the importance of getting it right the first time, you should engage a tax attorney or accountant from Seattle Pure Tax to negotiate your IRS back taxes with the IRS.
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC): You may have heard about the OIC program. It is an agreement with the IRS where the IRS agrees to reduce your tax debt and accept less than you owe in satisfaction of your IRS back taxes. Although you may have heard about an OIC on television, the radio or the internet, it is important for you to understand that is not guaranteed that you will be able to obtain one. The forms for submitting an OIC are detailed and require many calculations. The OIC is only one tool in the tax resolution expert’s tool box, but in some cases a valuable one. Because of the complexity of the OIC process, you should unquestionably rely upon tax help experts like those at Seattle Pure Tax to guide you through the OIC process.
  • Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC): Sometimes referred to as a hardship determination, a CNC determination may produce a permanent solution to your IRS back tax problem. To obtain a CNC, under statute, you need to persuade the IRS that the unique facts and circumstances of your case favor a CNC determination. Because the presentation is key, and the IRS has discretion in applying the statute, the level of professionalism in your application, and how you marshal the facts to support your cause has a direct bearing on your likelihood of success. It goes without saying that tax attorneys with extensive education and in-field experience learning the art of persuasion gives you an advantage when trying to pursue a CNC determination.

Get IRS back tax relief today!

Owing the IRS back taxes takes an emotional and financial toll on you and your family. Taking action to resolve your IRS back taxes puts you back in control of your present and your future. Seattle Pure Tax Resolution negotiates settlements for clients with the IRS each and every day. For a free analysis of your case, contact Seattle Pure Tax Resolution. (206) 438-9401