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IRS Tax Attorneys  - Serving Seattle, WA Taxpayers


Tax relief attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you resolve your IRS tax debt.  While you are free to represent yourself and communicate directly with the IRS if you choose, Seattle tax attorneys provide taxpayers in and around Seattle with numerous advantages:

Privileged Communications

Only licensed tax attorneys enjoy the attorney-client privilege and thus when you retain a tax attorney you can be certain that your disclosures to your attorney and your attorney’s employees will be treated as privileged and 100% confidential. Because unresolved tax cases may raise criminal implications in certain cases, it is vital that you are protected by the privilege that comes with representation by a licensed tax attorney.

Strong Negotiations

Tax attorneys spend years honing their craft, and an important part of a tax attorney’s craft is the art of negotiation. And, moreover, tax attorneys are skilled in negotiating with IRS representatives whose sole objective is to recover money from you.

Not Intimidated

A tax lawyer will not be intimidated by the IRS. Your tax attorney understands the tax code as well as, or better than, the IRS representatives they are dealing with, and can marshal facts in the light most favorable to your case. Further, only tax attorneys have the power to represent clients in Tax Court, and since the IRS does not generally like cases to go to Tax Court, this provides significant negotiating leverage for clients with strong tax attorney representation.


Unlike enrolled agents, tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations. Therefore, when you hire a tax attorney to provide tax help, you can be certain that you will receive frequent updates about your case and zealous, unrelenting advocacy on your behalf.

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Seattle Pure Tax Resolution is here to help release you from the feeling of being trapped by your IRS back tax problems. We have the IRS tax attorneys to help you in and around Seattle, WA. We are available 24/7 and offer FREE consultations! Call (206) 438-9401