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IRS Tax Lawyers & IRS Representation for Everett Taxpayers


With our licensed tax lawyers on your side, you will be equipped with expert IRS representation that will settle your tax problems for good

From our local Seattle office, Pure Tax Resolution and our team of licensed tax lawyers, enrolled agents, and accounting professionals work with Everett taxpayers to properly resolve IRS back taxes, penalties, IRS audits, wage garnishments, business tax problems, or any other IRS-related tax complication.  Only a licensed tax professional like a tax lawyer has the exclusive power and privileges to negotiate tax settlements. In addition to exercising their exclusive advantages for our Washington clients, our team of dedicated tax lawyers deliver transparent communication, and honest tax help that the faceless tax law gimmicks fail to deliver.

Solutions Our Tax Lawyers Provide

Our licensed tax lawyers exercise their expertise and tax law privileges to reach ideal tax settlements for our Everett, WA clients...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Settling your IRS back taxes begins with having a licensed tax lawyer on your side to negotiate a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will reduce and settle your back taxes for good.

Wage Garnishment Relief

Wage garnishments, levies, and other IRS collections are the tipping point for any Washington taxpayer with prolonged tax debt. Having your assets and wages seized by the IRS can ruin your well-being, personal, financial, and have adverse affects on your family. If you are local taxpayer facing an IRS collection of any kind, don't let the IRS control your future, contact our office today and our tax lawyers can construct a plan to stop wage garnishment and other IRS collections immediately.

IRS Audit Representation

When an IRS audit arises, it's normal to feel panicked and blind-sided. Most audits are relatively harmless, while some can be very serious and can carry big consequences. Either way, having professional IRS audit representation on your side is vital to properly settling your audit, and avoiding them in the future.

Tax Penalty Abatement

When your tax debt prolongs, tax penalties and interest will continue to accrue until your contact a professional that can reduce or eliminate them.  Our tax lawyers and enrolled agents can represent you with the IRS and secure a viable tax penalty abatement plan to settle your tax penalties for good.

Solutions for Business Tax Problems

Business owners in the Everett area shouldn't have to deal with IRS problems when trying to grow and maintain their business. For payroll tax issues, tax filing errors, or any other business-related IRS problems, our team of business tax professionals will work to eliminate tax problems, and help your business maintain healthy tax compliance.

See What Our Experienced Tax Lawyers Can Do For You

Individuals and businesses of Everett or Snohomish County facing IRS tax problems of any kind can contact our office today and get connected with a personable, and professional tax lawyer team that gets results. We invite you to contact our office for a free consultation, and expect nothing but a positive experience!


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