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Tax Lawyer Representation for Woodinville, WA Taxpayers


From our King County location, our team of licensed tax lawyers represent Woodinville taxpayers to reduce and settle IRS problems for good

If you are a local taxpayer of Woodinville or King County struggling with IRS problems, it's vital to have a licensed tax lawyer represent your best interests.  With a seasoned tax lawyer negotiating on your behalf, the odds are greatly in your favor to properly reduce and settle your tax debt problems for good.

Pure Tax Resolution, an established tax lawyer firm serving King County, has helped hundreds of Washington taxpayers regain their personal and financial freedom.  When facing back taxes, your tax problems will continue to compound, and eventually lead to severe IRS collections like wage garnishments and levies. But, if you consult with a professional tax lawyer firm that can get results, you are on your way to removing your IRS burden, and remaining tax compliant moving forward.

Solutions for your IRS Problems

Through their years of experience negotiating tax settlements with the IRS, the seasoned tax lawyers of Pure Tax Resolution are ready to settle any variety of IRS problem you may be facing...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

IRS back taxes are the most common IRS problem we resolve, and minimizing the damage of IRS back taxes begins with taking action now and consulting a licensed tax professional to negotiate an IRS back tax forgiveness program for you. Our licensed tax lawyers can help you secure a convenient and affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will reduce and settle your tax debt, plus keep you assets and wages safe from IRS collections.

Wage Garnishment Relief

With any case of outstanding IRS tax debt, the odds of being targeted for an IRS collection, like a wage garnishment or levy, increase as time goes on.  If you are a Woodinville or King County resident being facing a wage garnishment or collection of any kind, it's absolutely crucial you contact our wage garnishment lawyers today. We can contact the IRS on your behalf and stop wage garnishment immediately. 

IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits come in many shapes and sizes, and not having the proper representation can be the difference in settling the audit, or facing severe complications.  If you are local individual or business facing an IRS audit of any degree, our IRS audit representation experts are available to discuss your options for properly settling your audit, and avoid them moving forward.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Tax penalties are the ugly cousin to IRS back taxes, and must be settled properly or else they can evolve into much more serious issues. With the expert representation of our IRS tax lawyers, we can construct a viable tax penalty abatement plan to reduce and settle your tax penalties.

Solutions for Business Tax Problems

Hard-working business owners of King County facing detrimental tax problems now have an experienced advocate on their side to help their business remain tax compliant.  Don't let IRS problems like payroll tax issues and worker classification blunders put your businesses welfare at risk, contact our business tax professionals today and let us keep your business healthy and profitable. 

See What Our Experienced Tax Lawyers Can Do For You

Serving Woodinville and all local communities of King County, WA, our team of licensed and customer-friendly tax lawyers provide a unique advantage for local individuals and businesses looking to settle their tax problems, and regain their financial freedom. We are available for a free consultation right now, so contact our office today and expect nothing but a positive experience. 


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